MIT Bubbles

“MIT Bubbles: An intro to designing and building inflatable structures”

MIT building N-51  Room 348

January 18 – 28: M, T, W, Th, 7pm – 9pm Classes and Workshops
February 1 : Public Exhibition in Lobby 13, from 10am til about 5:30pm

Taught inside of an inflatable bubble, this class will introduce you to the history, theory, techniques and science behind inflatable structures.  Then you’ll make your own!  There will be an opportunity to show your work off at the end of class in a public exhibition.

Materials fee: Roughly $40 (depends on the scope of your project)
Course Instructors: Mary Hale, M.Arch 2009 and Brandon Roy PhD MAS 2011

Limited Enrollment

Download Syllabus


4 Responses to “MIT Bubbles”

  1. Bo Chu Says:

    Hi Mary and Brandon,

    I love this class. Missed last nite because the ET’s Stole my eyeglasses after I practiced playing tennis in the squash courts at Waltham Boston Sports Wed yesterday afternoon. I took their action as a sign from above to get contacts.(eyecorrectionlenses). While at Costco Waltham(do you know it?) I tried to buy one new tennis ball because Head brand very nice which I bought at the Eastham Thrift shop for $2. I love thrift shops.

    Look at Skyacht. I think we can merge. Class project for Spring Semester. MIT Skyacht.

    Do you have tine to meet with me this afternoon or for evening meal? sic on tine 4Q

    Bo 617-470-3830

  2. elissa and don roy Says:

    we wish we could take the course. Do you offer a home correspondence course?

  3. elissa and don roy Says:

    The little studio is at your disposal!

  4. MIT Bubbles Blow-Up Exhibition at MIT « Itinerant Home Says:

    […] independent activities period, Brandon Roy (MAS PhD ‘11) and I  led a workshop entitled MIT Bubbles: an intro to designing and building inflatable structures.  The first week took place inside of a giant inflatable structure, referred to as the […]

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