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MIT Bubbles Blow-Up Exhibition at MIT

February 3, 2010

Lessons from inside the official class bubble.

During the last two weeks of MIT’s independent activities period, Brandon Roy (MAS PhD ’11) and I  led a workshop entitled MIT Bubbles: an intro to designing and building inflatable structures.  The first week took place inside of a giant inflatable structure, referred to as the “class bubble”.  There participants learned about the history, theory, techniques and science behind inflatable structures.  During the second week, students emerged from the bubble and built their own projects to display in a public exhibition on February 1.  A few images of the projects by participating students will soon appear below.  For a quick look and a visitor’s perspective, check out the slide show on the Boston 24 website.

The first foray into inflatable-making, following an Ant Farm inflato instructional video screened inside the class bubble (left)