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Expanding the definition of Itinerant Home…

June 16, 2010

The dParty as illustrated by Katie Flynn.

… to include all wearables and inflatable structures.  Along those lines, Brandon Roy and I have completed a new inhabitable inflatable structure.  This one is our largest yet, spanning 30 feet in width and containing two chambers.  These chambers house dressing rooms for the upcoming Common Boston dParty taking place tomorrow night (Thursday, June 17) at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter.  The event is open to the public, so long as you RSVP by 3pm tomorrow to get your name on the guest list!  Come wearing head-to-toe monochrome, or rent an outfit from us in exchange for $10 or a 5 lb clothing donation to Boomerangs.  As mentioned, inflatable dressing rooms will be there to ease your costume change.  See construction photos here.

View into the model of an inflatable dressing room. The design is extremely simple (thanks to Brandon), primarily involving one 15' x 75' sheet of plastic twisted to create the structure for two connected chambers. Click the photo to see the full set of construction photos on flickr.


Interview with the Boston Society of Architects

June 16, 2010

This recent interview, published by the Boston Society of Architects, captures a glimpse into the history of inflatable structures per my brain dump…