What a Lovely Surprise

What a lovely surprise to find the itinerant home blog paraphrased on design boom! Exciting in spite of a couple of not-so-nice comments lurking at the end of their story...


5 Responses to “What a Lovely Surprise”

  1. jeest Says:

    not a surprise at all. i can’t wait til this makes it way through all the design publications/sites into the annals (i spelled it correctly because i do have some social decorum) of great, inspired, humorous, award-winningly poignant creative thinking.
    it was, after all, already featured on that impressive well-lighted blog.

    well spotted, design boom.

  2. Emily Says:

    When is Itinerant Boom coming to San Francisco??

  3. Guig Says:

    WTF, this is awesome. W.T.F. omg

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