Opening Night is Tonight

Installed and Inflated, the Itinerant Home will debut tonight on the rooftop of 810 Bienville Street, one block off of Bourbon in the New Orleans French Quarter.

It’s been a whirlwind week with countless untold tales of sleeplessness, problem solving and insanity, but Itinerant Home is finally installed and working exactly as planned.  The project is installed in a location other than the one mentioned in a precious post.  Now, it is on the fourth floor of 810 Bienville in the French Quarter.  Click here for a map showing Itinerant Home’s site (number 8), as well as the sites for all 13 DesCours Installations.

Tonight is opening night, but Itinerant Home’s big night will take place Thursday from 7 – 10pm.  There will be a band and a crowd wearing the Home around the pool.  It would be wonderful if you could make it!

Carey Clouse, my wonderful hostess, modeling Itinerant Home.


6 Responses to “Opening Night is Tonight”

  1. Tad Says:

    Congratulations, Mary! It looks fantastic! I wish that I could be there to see it in person.

  2. ute meta bauer Says:

    could this be the VAP that i see as space of “construction”????
    best umb

  3. hyuna Says:

    mary!!! it is amazing!!!!!! wish i could be there (and stand inside!)

  4. Lena Says:

    Congratulations Mary, truly beautiful 🙂

  5. jeest Says:

    weird happiness.

    the best combination.

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