Legs & Eggs

Currently constructing body-parts.  All heads complete.  8 legs (unfortunately not 8 pairs of legs) finished.  A few photos below:

A found template (the top of a stool) for the circular windows. Windows are made from the same thin clear vinyl people use to cover and protect their upholstery. At $1.99 / yard, it would be a bargain at twice the price! This stuff is available at most fabric stores, but I purchased mine at "SewFisticated" on the Cambridge/Somerville, MA line.

Perfect circles. Perfect, thanks to the steel stool top and the Olfa Rotary cutter.

Pinning circular windows to (already seamed) 6" wide strips of ripstop nylon. I would like to know if I am making this seam correctly...

A quick polyethylene template for the leg. I measure off of my own body. Pattern-making 101.

An even quicker cardboard template to trace onto the fabric. I separated the foot from the leg so as to waste less fabric when cutting out the pattern. The cardboard template is bigger than the polyethylene prototype in order to account for 1" seams.

Tracing the pattern onto a top sheet of ripstop. I have four sheets below for high-speed cutting.


all the pieces for legs.

Hours of pinning and sewing... but a long story short: a pile of legs. Voila! That little rounded strip above the ankle is velcro, which will attach to the vinyl boot.


One Response to “Legs & Eggs”

  1. jeest Says:

    i am impressed. obviously. this is an unbelievable undertaking for one woman. are you working with a ghostbuilder? you’re amazing. i really like the photo of all the little parts grouped together in a cloverleaf of deflated bodyparts. i really like the all photos.

    also, i love the heading. you picked the best red.

    this is good.

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